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Bobbin Lacemaking Supplies

[bobbins] [bobbin holders] [books] [kit] [pin lifters & pushers] [prickers] [threads] [winders]


Spangled Bobbin Lace Kit

Spangled Bobbin Lace Kit
A great beginner kit!  Includes a 16" covered polyform cookie pillow, two dozen spangled bobbins, two balls of size 10 cotton thread, 500 pins, pricker, prickings (patterns) and the book Bobbin Lace Without a Teacher.

Spangled Bobbin Lace Kit...$85.00  #609200 




Lace Cookie Pillow with Cover

Lace Cookie Pillow With Cover
A lightweight, durable 18" round polyfoam pillow for making bobbin lace or needle lace. Comes with blue removable cover. Bobbins sold separately.

Lace Cookie Pillow with Cover...$28.00  #169403



   Pillow Stand

Hardwood Pillow Stand
From Lacis.  Works with Lace Cookie Pillow, sold above.  The metal pin on the stand is used to pierce the center back of the pillow, allowing the pillow to be rotated while working.  Angle of stand is adjusted using the cord.

Hardwood Pillow Stand...$30.00  #169432



Kliot Bobbins

Kliot Lace Bobbins
Maple with wax tumbled finish, 3/8" x 5.5". An inexpensive bobbin designed for beginner and class use. Suitable for a variety of threads.

Kliot Bobbins, 24 Pack...$30.00  #169002


Brussels Lace Bobbins

Brussels Lace Bobbins
A 4" long, lightweight, finely finished beechwood bobbin.

Brussels Bobbins, Each...$2.00  #169003 Limited stock - 18 remaining.


Square Lace Bobbins

Square Lace Bobbins
A popular contemporary hardwood bobbin with lacquer finish, 3/8" sq x 4".  Sold in sets of 24.

Square Bobbins, 24 Pack..$20.00  #169402


English Bobbin Lace Bobbins

English Bobbins
Set of twelve 1/4" x 4-1/4" hardwood with a clear hole, drilled for spangles (not included) . Suitable for most threads. 

English Bobbins, 12 Pack...$16.00  #169001



Danish-Style and Traditional Danish Bobbins

Danish-Style Bobbins (top)
Lacquered hardwood.  4 1/8" long.  Approximately 1 1/8" long neck.  Bobbins weigh approximately 4 grams each.  Package of 12.

Danish Bobbins, per dozen...$10.00  #169405

Traditional Danish Lace Bobbins (bottom)
Finished hardwood, finely crafted.  4 1/4" long.  Approximately 1 1/4" long neck.  Bobbins weigh approximately 3 grams each.   Package of 10.

Traditional Danish Bobbins, pack of 10...$22.00  #169474


Lacis Oak Bobbin Lace Winder

Lacis Bobbin Lace Bobbin Winder
Solid finished oak, heirloom quality, suitable for most bobbins, including the Kliot bobbin.  Has approximately a 1:10 turn ratio (will vary depending on size of bobbin used). Comes with heavy duty C-clamp, instructions.

Lacis Bobbin Lace Bobbin Winder...$46.00  #169048


Bobbin Holder

Bobbin or stitch holder

Bobbin Holder
A 4" long bar with spring closure for keeping groups of lace bobbins in place. Also useful as a stitch holder for knitters.

Bobbin Holder...$3.00  #169005




Pricker, Metal Vise Type

Pricker, Metal Vise Type
A thin brass handle with 4-jaw steel chuck (vise) on one end permitting easy exchange of needle.  DOES NOT INCLUDE NEEDLE.

Pricker, Metal Vise Type...$4.00  #169007


Finger Pricker for Bobbin Lace

Finger Pricker, Fixed Needle
An ergonomic wooden-handled pricker with a fixed needle. Available in
small (1 3/8" long) or medium (1 5/8" long). $5.00

Medium Finger Pricker, Fixed Needle...$5.00  #169419


Hardwood Pricker

Pricker, Hardwood
A fixed needle set in a maple handle. $2.50

Pricker, Hardwood...$2.50  #169337


Wooden Pricker with Steel Chuck for Bobbin Lace

Wooden Pricker with Steel Chuck
Hardwood handle is 2 1/8" long by 1 1/4" wide.  Needle can be removed or replaced by loosening the steel chuck.

Wooden Pricker with Steel Chuck...12.00  #169079



Pin Lifters and Pushers

Pin Lifter for Bobbin Lace Work

Pin Lifter
Small claw set in turned hardwood handle for lifting of pins.

Pin Lifter...$6.00  #169006


Pin Pusher and Lifter

Pin Pusher and Lifter
On one end a small claw for lifting of pins, and on the other end a thin rod with a cupped end for pushing pins, set into a turned wood handle. Overall length 4 3/8."

Pin Pusher and Lifter...$8.00  #169404


Pin Pusher with Bone Handle
3 1/8" overall length.  $7.20  #169336

Pin Pusher with Bone Handle...7.20  #169336





Linen Thread
 A 2-ply linen thread.  For lace making, tatting and embroidery.

Linen Thread


100/2, 25 grams...$6.50  #169384

80/2 (Bockens), 12.5 grams...$16.00  #169385

60/2, 25 grams...$20.00  #169386

40/2 (Bockens), 25 grams...$18.00  #169387


Dyed Linen Thread


60/2 Bockens #515 (Light Blue) 12.5 grams, 250 yards #169507...$15.00


60/2 Bockens #135 (Blue/Green) 12.5 grams, 250 yards #169506...$15.00


60/2 Bockens #520 (Red) 12.5 grams, 250 yards #169509...$15.00


60/2 Bockens #522 (Black) 12.5 grams, 250 yards #169509...$15.00



Enameled Copper Wire


    Copper  Gold  Silver

Wire Thread
A soft-tempered, enameled, non-tarnish copper wire specifically suited for bobbin lace, knitting, or crocheting. Available in copper, gold, or silver color. Copper has 150 ft per spool; Gold and Silver have 90 ft per spool.  $6.00 per spool.

Select color and quantity:



New!!  Colored Wire Thread
150 feet.  Non-tarnish enameled 32 gauge copper wire.  $6.00 per spool.


Purple Bobbin Lacing Wire




Red Bobbin Lace Wire





Green bobbin lace wire








See our book section for books on bobbin lace!

Links to Free Bobbin Lace Patterns



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