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Andean Plying - Illustrated

Andean Plying Illustration

This is a diagram to help illustrate how to Andean ply.  It is a means of plying from one yarn source.  It is most commonly used with spindle spinning, but can be used for wheel spinning as well.  "F" means front of hand and "B" means back of hand.  Start by tucking the free end of the singles yarn into your watch band or cuff.  Then follow the diagram and wrap the yarn from the spindle onto your hand.  Wind the yarn as relaxed as possible - too tightly will cut off the circulation in your hand!  When you have it all on your hand, keep track of the two ends of the yarn, and gently pull the yarn off your middle finger.  Don't lose that "ring" that was formed around the middle finger, but let it sit by your wrist; then slip the "bracelet" of singles around until the "ring" is on the back of your wrist.  Now take the two ends of the yarn and attach them to your spindle or leader, and proceed to ply.  The yarn will neatly feed off your wrist as you need it.  It has to be tried to be fully understood - it's a really nifty technique.

Let the singles sit for a few days so the twist becomes dormant - it will be much easier to work with.
If you are winding more than a quarter ounce, every so often slip the ring of yarn off your finger and move it down to your wrist, and start a new group (without breaking the yarn).  Working in smaller bouts like this is easier on your hand.
If you get interuppted and need to stop during the plying, you can slip the plying bracelet off your wrist and onto something that is handy - such as a cardboard tube, a nostepinne, or bobbin.  This will hold your place until you come back and slid it onto your wrist again.

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