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Ashford Weaving Looms and Accessories

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See our Rigid Heddle Loom Comparison Chart - click here to open the PDF file.
Compares features, prices and optional accessories of the Ashford, Kromski and Schacht rigid heddle looms.



Ashford SampleIt Loom

Ashford SampleIt Loom

Ashford wanted to make a loom that is inexpensive, compact and cute without sacrificing function. This is a loom for new and experienced weavers. The perfect classroom loom. Whether you are learning to weave for the first time, want to learn new techniques or sample your wonderful yarns, this loom is fun and easy to use. Just add yarn!

This is the perfect gift for a new weaver. Anybody can weave on this wonderful little loom.

The 8 inch weaving width allows you to sample all your favorite rigid heddle patterns, textures and colors. So compact, it is only 2.5 pounds.

The loom is made from beautiful solid natural Silver Beech timber and has strong handles, ratchets and clicker pawls so your warp never unwinds unintentionally.

Also available separately are 5, 10 and 12.5 dent reeds so you can weave fine to textured yarns.


8 inch weaving width
Only 2.5 pounds
7.5 dent reed
2 shuttles
Double-ended threading hook
Warping peg
20 page color step-by-step weaving booklet
Solid natural Silver Beech timber (ready for whatever finish you choose)
Strong handles, ratchets and clicker pawls so your warp never unwinds unintentionally.

Ashford SampleIt Loom...$139.00  #109555


Extra Reeds for the SampleIt Loom

5 Dent Ashford SampleIt Reed...$24.50 

10 Dent Ashford SampleIt Reed...$24.50 

12.5 Dent Ashford SampleIt Reed...$24.50 



Knitters Loom 12" Knitters Loom 20"

Folded Knitters Loom

Ashford Knitters Loom - Rigid Heddle-Style
Fast and easy, this compact loom makes for exciting weaving anytime, anyplace.
Fast – from yarn to scarf in two hours, easy – a loom that is simple to understand and operate, and exciting – let your fancy yarns play. The flexibility of the Knitters Loom means you can be weaving in your lunch break, while camping, or when visiting friends. What's more you can take the loom to workshops with the weaving still in place – a revolution in loom design and manufacture.

This is an exciting new way for knitters to make use of all the fancy and funky yarns that are available in knitting stores. It is quick and easy, with the same portability as knitting.


• The loom comes assembled and lacquered.
• New design nylon handles, cogs and pawls.
• Available in 12, 20 or 28" weaving width.
• Comes with the new chunky wide-eye 7.5dpi reed with large holes and slots. For all your fancy & funky yarns.
• Weights - 12" is 5 lbs, 20" is 6.2 lbs,  and 28" is 8.25 lbs.
• Kit includes a warp and weave booklet, warping peg, 2 hooks, 2 clamps and 2 shuttles.
• New design nylon warp stick ties keep your warp sticks in the correct position at all times.


12" without carry bag...$280.00

12" WITH carry bag combo...$310.00

20" without carry bag...$299.00

20" WITH carry bag combo...$350.00

28" without carry bag...$333.00

28" WITH carry bag combo...$405.00



Knitters Loom in use.

Knitters Loom Accessories

Reeds for Knitters Looms
Available in 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5 dent.  Wood is lacquered.
12" width...$28.00
20" width...$34.50
28" width...$42.50

Select style and quantity:


Second Heddle Kit for Knitters Loom

Second Heddle Kit for Knitters Looms

Allows you to use two heddles of the same dent for finer dpi, and allows more intricate pattern options.  For example, use two 12.5 dent reeds and weave at 25 threads per inch.  Set of two blocks with installation instructions.  Clear lacquered finish.

#109353  Second Heddle Kit...$40.00



Carry Bag for the Knitters Loom

Carry Bags for Ashford Knitter's Looms
Now you can take you loom with you where ever you go just like your knitting! Smart dark blue padded carry bag. Strong durable. Front and side pockets for your yarn and shuttles. Top opening zipper.  Padded, zippered, with pockets

On the go? Fold the loom with weaving in place. 

#109645  Bag for 12" loom...$53.00


#109632  Bag for 20" loom...$71.00


#109---  Bag for 28" loom...$95.00


Ashford Carry Bag for the Knitters Loom



Ashford Knitters Loom Stands

Stands for Knitters Looms
Sturdy loom stand, easy to assemble and attach, weave anywhere anytime with no table required.  Adjustable loom angle for relaxing weaving to suit everyone.  Comfortable foot rest and lacquered finish make this the ideal accessory for your Knitters Loom.  Clear lacquer finish.  Assembly required.  

#109628  Stand for 12" Knitters Loom...$135.00


#109640  Stand for 20" Knitters Loom...$139.00


#109---  Stand for 28" Knitters Loom...$170.00




Knitters Loom DVD, 12 minutes...$16.50


Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving, RevisedTHE ASHFORD BOOK OF RIGID HEDDLE WEAVING - REVISED, Rowena Hart.
International weaving teacher and author, Rowena Hart, shows how to create exciting and beautiful garments and home ware – all on a simple two shaft rigid heddle loom.
In this book she guides you, step-by-step, showing just how easy it is to make your own unique woven creations.
This revised edition explores additional exciting techniques such as brooks bouquet, soumak, huck, and superfine weaving using the second heddle kit.

Chapters Include:
1. Colour and Weave
2. Tapestry Weaving
3. Rya Fleece Rugs
4. Textured Cushions
5. Handwoven Cloaks
6. Shibori
7. Silk Textures
8. Different Materials
9. Cotton Towels
10. Leno Lace
11. Bronson Weave Scarves
12. Surface design Patterns
13. Brooks Bouquet
14. Fine Weaving 

ISBN: 978-0-9582881-1-8.  8.5" X 9" softcover.  100 pages. $27.00 #139209



Ashford Book of Weaving for KnittersThe Ashford Book of Weaving for Knitters, by Rowena Hart.
For weavers and knitters, an all-new project book with 25 stunning scarves. Sixty-five, full color pages with easy and inspirational projects. This project book uses a selection of fabulous knitting yarns available from yarn stores everywhere and featuring the exciting, new, portable Ashford Knitters Loom – a great combination for weavers and knitters on the go.  $17.00  #109622



Ashford Fringe Twister  Front view - Ashford fringe twister.
Top View                         ~                        Front View
Ashford Fringe Twister
We are so excited to be able to offer this marvelous tool!  Make a perfect twisted fringe on scarves, handwoven garments or needlework projects.  Create cording from cotton or twist sliver for fiber crafts projects.
Includes step-by-step instructions and clamp.  Assembled and lacquered.

Ashford Fringe Twister...$55.00  #109657 



Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom
We recommend the Rigid Heddle to new weavers because it is so easy to use, but still very versatile.  You can use the loom to create cushion covers, table mats, fabrics and garments, floor mats, just about anything.  Ashford has created a new warping process for this loom that can be done by one person and takes only a few minutes!  Click here for pdf preview of the solo warping directions.  Unfinished, assembly required.

Includes: 7.5 dent reed, two stick shuttles, warping peg, two threading hooks, clamps, and full-color, easy to follow, step-by-step Learn to Weave booklet.  

16"...$195.00  #109625

24"...$215.00  #109511

32"...$245.00  #109312




Stand for Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

Stand for Rigid Heddle Loom
With two handy shelves and a foot rest.  Convenient weaving angle.  The loom can be easily removed from the stand.  Unfinished, assembly required.

16"...$143.00  #109630

24"...$145.00  #109304

32"...$157.00  #109485




Ashford Second Heddle Kit for Rigid Heddle Looms

Second Heddle Kit
For multi-heddle weaving.  Includes two support blocks for reed and hardware.  Use this kit to double your ends-per-inch (epi).  You will need another reed identical to the one you have. For example, two 12.5 dpi reeds gives you 25 ends per inch!  When you feel comfortable weaving with two heddles, you can enjoy experimenting with patterns.  Unfinished.

Second Heddle Kit...$33.50  #109354


Ashford Rigid Heddle Reeds

Rigid Heddle Reeds
Available in 5, 7.5, 10 or 12.5 dent.  7.5 dent has wide eyes, to accommodate novelty yarns.  Wood is unfinished.

16" wide rigid heddle reed....$30.00
24" wide rigid heddle reed....$37.00
32" wide rigid heddle reed...$45.00
48" wide rigid heddle reed...$74.00

Select style and quantity:




Ashford Inklette Loom
Lightweight, portable and strong with a convenient cut out for weaving and carrying.
Now you can take your Inklette to class, guild meetings or on holiday.
The loom is only 14 1/2" long and weighs only 1lb 2oz)
Amazing 72" weaving length with pegs 2 1/2" long and 2" tension flap (2" maximum warp width).
Unfinished.  Comes with shuttle and assembly and warping directions.

Inklette Loom...$66.00  #109512

Ashford Inkle Loom

For weaving trims, straps, belts, sashes, shoelaces and more.  Can hold a warp up to 4" wide by 11' 6" long.  Comes unfinished and unassembled, with directions for assembly and weaving, two shuttles and a clamp.  An excellent and easy introduction to weaving.

Ashford Inkle Loom...$110.00  #109190



Ashford Table Loom
~ optional stand sold separately ~

Ashford Table Loom

One of the most amazing things about this loom is that it completely folds up. The 4 and 8 harness 16" loom fits into a suitcase for easy portability.  The loom and stand are sold separately, as well as an 8 harness kit and 2nd back beam that you can add later on.

* The overhead beater system means you will always beat evenly.
* Enjoy a large working area.
* Stretch cords automatically return the beater to a position back against the castle.

"There are amazing possibilities with even 4 harness weaving - you’ll be impressed by the scope of this versatile loom!" 

Clear lacquer finish.

Included Accessories:
10 dent stainless steel reed, 2 shuttles, 2 threading hooks.
All Ashford looms include high quality texsolv heddles in the kits.
There are enough heddles to weave a balanced weave at 10dpi up to 24 inches wide.
More heddles can be purchased at a later date when you move on to finer projects.

16" Folding Table Loom

4 harness...$840.00

8 harness...$890.00

24" Folding Table Loom

4 harness...$890.00

8 harness...$945.00

16 harness...$1595.00 (pictured below)

32" Folding Table Loom

4 harness...$940.00

8 harness...$995.00


Ashford 16 Harness 24" Table Loom

Ashford 16 Harness 24" Table Loom
~ stand sold separately ~


Ashford Table Loom Stand and Treadle Kit

Optional Stand/Treadle Kit For the Ashford Table Loom
(kits have four treadles)

Stand and treadle kit fold flat.  Loom fits into stand - no screws needed.  Strong frame with 2 shelves.  Recommended for 4 harness loom.  Lacquer finish.




Ashford Stand for 16 Harness Table Loom

Stand for the 16 Harness Table Loom

Loom fits into stand - no screws needed.   Strong frame with 2 shelves.  Suitable for 16 harness loom only.  Lacquer finish.

24" 16 harness table loom stand...$495.00



Ashford 2nd Back Beam Kit

2nd Back Beam Kit for Table Loom
2nd back roller and beam. Combine different fibers for perfect tension.  Lacquer finish.




Ashford 8 Harness Table Loom

Plus Four Later (add on) Harnesses Kit for Table Loom
This kit contains an 8 harness castle to replace the 4 harness castle.  Lacquer finish.





Ashford Stainless Steel Reeds

Stainless Steel Reeds for the Ashford Table Loom
(Specify 6, 8, 12 or 16 dent)

Select style and quantity:




Ashford Tapestry Loom
(Bench not included, see below for bench price)

Tapestry has been called painting with yarns.  Weave your own pictures and rugs with Ashford's remarkably simple tapestry loom.  A piece of furniture you can leave set up for your friends to admire.  Warp up in minutes with the unique revolving frame.  Double your warp length with a continuous warp.  Adjustable height.  Rake and leash rod holders.  Unfinished.

X-Wide, 29" tall x 40" wide...$765.00



Ashford Hobby Bench

Ashford Hobby Bench

Designed with your comfort and posture in mind. The bench is made of solid Silver Beech hardwood and has four adjustable seat heights. Folding seat conceals roomy storage compartment.  Unfinished, comes with assembly instructions.

The four seat heights are:
19 1/4"
20 1/2"
23 1/2"

#109618  Ashford Hobby Bench...$355.00  


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