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Babe's Fiber Garden Spinning Wheels

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Babe's Fiber Starter Spinning Wheels

Babe's Fiber Starter Spinning Wheel

Side View of Babe's Fiber Starter Spinning Wheel

Babe's Fiber Starter - Front view and Side view

This is the original contemporary spinning wheel (machine) made with furniture PVC weighting only a little over 7 pounds.  Comes as a complete kit with lazy kate (for plying), Six bobbins (3 of 5:1 ratio and 3 of 6:1 ratio), 1/4 pound of Brown Sheep Wool roving, Babe's Sure Foot, and how to spin instructions.  Bobbin lead wheel.  Specifications listed below.


Ratio: 5:1, 6:1 (Optional 18:1)

Wheel Size: 17 3/4"

Weight: 7 lbs.

Orifice Size: 3/8"

Single Wood Treadle

Polyurethane Drive Band

Flyer Tension - Leather

Bobbin Capacity: 3-4 oz.

Attached wood dowel Lazy Kate with 6 Bobbins included 

Babe's Sure Foot (This is a polyurethane pad on the four corners of the bottom of the base to keep wheel from sliding away from you.)

Material: Furniture PVC, Plastic Wheel with Ball Bearing, Wood Flyer, Wood Treadle, and ABS Bobbins

Frame Color: Choice of White or Black.

Single Treadle Babe's Fiber Starter

#359001 White...$208.28  

#359002 Black...$227.39  

Double Treadle Babe's Fiber Starter

#359003 White...$250.95  

#359004 Black...$266.90  




Babe's Production Wheel

Babe's Production Spinning Wheels
These new wheels, using the standard bobbins, have increased ratios of 5 7/8 : 1, 7 1/2 : 1, and 19 : 1. The new wheel has a 21 1/4" diameter and is a wheel chair wheel with two bearings for effortless spinning.

They are available in either a White frame or the new Black Sheep (black).  Weights approximately 7 lbs.  Comes with six bobbins; three of 5 7/8:1 and three of  7 1/2:1 (with a O-ring super glued to the back of the drive whorl so that when the drive band is put by the O-ring you get a 19:1 ratio). It is also drilled so you can have the Lazy Kate on the right or left side of the base frame.   Comes with four lazy kate rods, so you can do a 4-ply yarn.  Each wheel comes with a 1/4 lb. of Brown Sheep wool roving, Babe's Sure Foot on the four corners of the base frame to keep it from sliding on the floor, and a booklet on spinning.

Single Treadle Babe's Production Wheel

#359020 White...$230.15  

#359--- Black...$242.65  

Double Treadle Babe's Production Wheel

#359021 White...$267.66  

#359011 Black...$282.24  



Babe's "Bulky Spinner" Wheel

Babe's "Bulky Spinner" Wheel
It can also spin lace weight yarn.

Babe's Bulky Spinner bobbins each hold two full pounds of your bulky handspun! Three bobbins are included with this production-sized wheel.

Babe's Bulky Spinner is a Production double-treadle wheel. Maiden has a 3/4" orifice, 30" from the floor. Spinning ratio is 4.25:1 and a optional 2.75:1 whorl. Available only in White.

Babe's Bulky Spinner is made with furniture PVC, a wheelchair wheel with ball bearings for effortless treadling, and a polyurethane drive band. Like all Babe's wheels, Babe's Bulky Spinner is extremely portable, durable, and affordable. Great for spinning outdoors in fine weather!

Babe's Bulky Conversion Kit. Convert your 6 Spoke Fiber Starter Wheel or Your 8 Spoke Production Wheel by ordering this kit. Comes with 3 bobbins and 2 Lazy kates. See price below. When ordering be sure to tell us which wheel you have so we can furnish the correct support tubes. All you do is take off your current maiden and put on the bulky maiden.

Great For:

* Rug Yarns
* Craft Yarns
* The Latest Bulky Knitting Fashions
* Plying large skeins
* Spinning Lace weight yarn.

 Babe's "Bulky Spinner" Wheel

#359017  $344.75  

Optional 8" Whorl for "Bulky Spinner"
Ratio of 2.75:1.

#359---  $25.15  

"Bulky Spinner" Conversion Kit Price: $178.45
Be sure to tell us what wheel you have when ordering.

#359---  $186.45  




Babe's Pinkie Spinning Wheel

Babe's Pinkie Wheel
Babe’s Pinkie Spinning Wheel was born April 22, 2001.  It was conceived to be a spinning wheel for children.  However, because of it's light weight (only four pounds), folks found that it could have a lot of other uses.  It was named Pinkie because it was light enough to be picked up with your little finger.

Pinkie is made with ¾" Furniture PVC and uses a wheel chair wheel which has two ball bearings, so it turns very easily.  The orifice is twenty inches from the floor.  It comes with three bobbins whose ratios are 3 ¼ : 1; a ¼ pound of Brown Sheep roving; and Babe’s Sure Foot to keep it from sliding on the floor.  The wood treadle is designed for the smaller foot; however, Nels has found the larger foot will work if you turn the wheel so your foot will be on the diagonal of the treadle.

#359012 White Single Treadle...$181.20  

#359---  White Double Treadle...$205.15  



Babe's Liten Spindel Charkha Wheel

Liten Spindel Charkha Wheel
Babe's Charkha, named Babe's Liten Spindel, which in Swedish means "little spider."

Babe's Liten Spindel can help you spin silk so fine that it looks like the filaments in a spider's web. When spinning from the fold, you'll be amazed as you draw back with the drafting hand and see the delicate fiber you've created.

Ratios: 13:1, 14:1, 16:1 and 20:1

Weighing just 2 pounds, 11 ounces, Babe's Liten Spindel is extremely portable. Simply set it on a table or on the floor to operate. 

It comes with Babe's Sure Foot, so it remains securely anchored during use. Small enough to be easily stowed away when not in use.

Babe's Liten Spindel is made with furniture PVC, a 12" wheelchair wheel with ball bearings, a 9" spindle, and a polyurethane drive band. Babe's uses a rounded point knitting needle for the spindle. As a charkha wheel, it is one of the most simple ones, requiring no adjustments. Just setup and start spinning. Babe's Liten Spindel is available in a Right Hand or Left Hand Model. When ordering be sure to say which hand you want to turn the wheel with.

#359---  Liten Spindel...$130.15  




Babe's Great Wheel Walking Wheel

Babe's Great Wheel Walking Wheel
This is really a fun and exciting spinning wheel. The wheel is made with the use of a wheel chair wheel and therefore has ball bearings to turn on. I believe this is the only walking wheel that has ball bearings and a grooved wheel. The wheel has a built-on extension so that it is 36" in diameter. The frame is Furniture PVC, a dual extrusion, which is stronger then Plumbing PVC and is UL protected so it can be out in the sunshine. Standard ratios are 38:1 and approximately 70:1. Special order ratios available upon requests. There is a polyurethane drive belt which makes adjusting very easy. No complicated adjusting is needed. The spindle is stainless steel, 12" long with a sharp point. The spindle is 40" off the floor. The completed wheel weights 14 lbs.
Now comes as a kit (will require some simple assembly) in a 22" x 22" x 6" box, weighing 17 pounds.

#359023  Great Walking Wheel...$353.00  





Drive Band for Babe's Spinning Wheels
60" Polyurethane Fits Fiber Starter, Production and most Powered Skein Winders.

#359015  $6.60  


Babe's Standard Bobbin
Ratios: Fiber Starter 5:1
Production 5-7/8:1
  Standard Bobbin for the Electric Spinners
$7.90  #359024

Babe's 6:1 Bobbin
Ratios: Fiber Starter 6:1
Production 7-1/2:1
$8.50  #359027


If you are looking for any other Babe's Fiber Garden Products - just ask.  We can special order for you.

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