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Tools for Crocheters

Nancy's Knit Knacks Needle and Hook Gauge

Nancy's Knit Knacks Hook and Needle Gauge

Includes holes for sizes 1.5 mm to 19 mm - (US needle sizes 000 to 35/hook sizes B to S)
24 holes in total. There is no other gauge on the market that has this many needle/hook sizes.
  Has both inch and cm rulers.  Made in the USA.  Measures 3-5/16" x 5-1/4."

Why is Nancy's Knit Knacks gauge better than any other on the market?

  • Its size fits into your hand properly and you can manipulate the needles into and out of the holes more easily than with the other gauges
  • It has more needle size holes than any other gauge - 24 in total.
  • It is accurate. NKK machined each hole into the plastic with a computerized cutting machine (CNC cutter). The others stamp theirs out of metal or mold them in plastic. Both methods are inferior when compared to CNC operations. Why does NKK use the more expensive method CNC? Because it is more accurate.
  • It has the metric and US needles sizes as well as Crochet Hook sizes.
  • NKK's gauge is made in the USA. Theirs are typically made in China, India, and Germany.
  • NKK's gauge is legible. They use a special ink that prints crisply and will not wear off.
  • NKK's unit will not break or bend.




Tubular Plastic Cases for Crochet Hooks and Needles

Tubular Cases
Tubular, clear 1-1/4" diameter plastic cases with black cushioned end caps for storage of knitting needles, crochet hooks, afghan hooks, tatting shuttles and needles, netting needles and shuttles, etc. By cutting a slit in one of the end caps, needles can be inserted and removed by simply squeezing tube. 

Available in lengths of :

#169094  14" Tubular Case...$5.00  


Nancy's Knit Knacks DP Needle Tube

NKK DP Needle Tube™ 
A solution for holding and protecting your valuable and delicate Double Pointed Needles.  
Also works for crochet hooks and tatting needles!

Nancy's Knit Knacks solution consists of a strong paper, telescopic tube with closed ends. Its diameter is wide enough to hold 5 #10 US needles (or many more smaller needles or 2 to 4 larger needles).

The Tubes can extend to hold 10" long needles. It also shortens to a total length of 6-1/2". They have inside diameters of 5/8" and outside diameters of approx. 3/4".

Once again, Nancy's Knit Knacks has been able to analyze a "problem" affecting fiber artists and have been able to develop a market leading solution.

Package of 4 Tubes...$5.50  #649114

Why are NKK DP Needle Tubes so great?

  • They are inexpensive, so you can easily afford to own one or more packages of 4 tubes.
  • They protect needles better than any other solution while maintaining a sleek form factor.
  • They are flexible and expand to hold the shortest needles up to needles with lengths of 10". They do this while protecting both the needle bodies and tips. Needles cannot be broken while inside our tubes. Fabric holders cannot make that same claim nor can the "rubber band or closure" systems.
  • They are attractive - in glossy Royal Blue and Yellow colors.
  • The needle sizes can be written on the yellow cap (or tube body) with a Sharpie brand marker.
  • They are made in the USA
  • They just plain work, and work well.


Hairpin Lace Crochet Frame

Susan Bates Adjustable Hairpin Lace Crochet Frame
12" aluminum rods with plastic spacer permitting working widths in half inch intervals up to 4" width. This is the "hair pin" used in Hairpin and Maltese lacemaking. Can also be used as a fringe frame for making tassels up to 7-1/2" long.



Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool

Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool with Examples of Work

Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool
Hair pin lace is a traditional interwoven braid that can be made using just the basic crochet technique known as single crochet, or made more elaborate, with variations. Makes braid widths: 3/4" - 3 1/4".





Wrist Ball Holder, Steel

Steel Wrist Ball Holder
Worn on the wrist, this yarn holder will support virtually any spooled or balled yarn while crocheting, knitting or needle tatting. The support is swivel mounted and supports the yarn by a piercing pin and heavy duty friction clasp. Stainless steel.



Spring Tape Measure
An agile, two sided (inch and cm) spring tape measure.  Black or white with five accent colors (our choice) and an easy touch stop/go mechanism.  From Germany.



Small Coil-less Brass Pins
3/4" long.  Great for stitch markers and more - no coil to snag the yarn.



Folding Metal Scissors

Folding Pocket Scissors
A sharp, all steel folding scissor, ideal for purse or chatelaine (all have hole for chatelaine hanging).  Available in 4" and 5" (open size).  

4 Inch...$1.50 #169074

5 Inch...$2.00  #169064


Clover Ring Thread Cutter  Clover Ring Thread Cutter Cutting Thread

Clover Thread Cutter Ring



Clover Threader Cutter Pendant  Clover Threader Cutter Pendant Cutting Threads

Clover Thread Cutter Pendant




Retractable Tool Holder

Retractable Tool Holder
A spring loaded cable in a 1" round case with clip on back, extends 20".   Perfect for holding a scissors or any other chatelaine tool that requires ready access. Available in two finishes.

black finish...$2.80  #169149

silver finish...$2.80  #169126



Chibi with Darning Needles
A darning needle set in a knitting needle shaped case...

$4.50  #319025



Chibi Tapestry Needle Set
A darning needle set in a knitting needle shaped case.  3 bent tip needles in a set - tapestry needles no. 12 (2 each) and no. 15 (1 each).

$6.50  #319210



Chibi with Jumbo Darning Needles
A darning needle set in a cute knitting needle shaped case. 2 needles in a package.

$4.75  #319026


Clover Pom-Pom Maker, Extra Large

Clover Pom-Pom Maker, Extra Large
Extra Large Pom-Pom Maker creates an approximately 4 1/2" pom-pom which can hold multiple colors of yarns and ribbons. 

$11.00  #319186


 Clover Create-a-Button, Flower

Clover Create-A-Button, Flower Design
Design and create your own button with Create-A-Button!  Make fashionable buttons by attaching yarns, embroidery threads, ribbons, beads through its hole. Create-A-Button adds a decorative look to your favorite clothing!  4 buttons to a package.

Flower Design...$5.50  #319236



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