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Crocheted Double-thick Diagonal Potholder
Tutorial and Pattern

Diagonally-Crocheted Double-Thick Potholder

This is not a pattern I designed, but one that was shared with me by a friend who learned it from a friend who… you get the idea. Since I am often asked for the directions, I have decided to post it here.

Materials: Sugar ‘n Cream 4-ply cotton yarn, G or H or I crochet hook

Gauge: Not critical - experiment!  I get an approximately 5" square.

Chain 26 (This will be diagonally across the back of the potholder; so with future potholders, you can guess-timate how many you want to chain, to make the size you want). pothldr1a.JPG (131584 bytes)
Turn. Sc in 2nd ch from hook THROUGH BACK LOOP (photo shows where the back loop is). Sc THROUGH BACK LOOPS in each ch to end. 
Sc 2 more times in last ch, so you will now be able to sc on the opposite side of the chain. 
What was the front loop will now become the back loop (refer to photo - needle shows where hook should go). Sc in back loop of each ch back to the beginning.
Sc one more time in last ch. (53 sc)
Sc THROUGH BACK LOOP (where the needle is) of each sc around and around. 
The two corners will start to curl - don't worry - as they should.
This is what it will look like as you keep crocheting around and around.
The other side.
You're getting closer!
Crochet until you can fold the potholder so that the top edges touch.  It looks like you may be there.  Let's check...
Yep!  Time to finish off, leaving a tail 4 times the length of the seam.
Sew up the seam.  I go under one half of the stitch on one side...
and under the whole stitch on the other side. 
There you have it - your own double-thick diagonally crocheted potholder!

Pattern courtesy of: Andrea Mielke Schroer Mielke’s Fiber Arts, LLC, N4826 21st Avenue, Mauston, WI 53948  (608) 350-0600 www.mielkesfiberarts.com 


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