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The Kromski
Rigid Heddle Looms

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See our Rigid Heddle Loom Comparison Chart - click here to open the PDF file.
Compares features, prices and optional accessories of the Ashford, Kromski and Schacht rigid heddle looms.


Kromski Rigid Heddle Harp Loom

As of May 2014, the Kromski Harp has been updated and as such it has an updated name; it is now called the Harp Forte. The update involves the ratchets and pawls; these parts are now all metal and work with the assist of a rare earth magnet. 

The Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle loom has several innovative features. The Kromski Harp Forte has a warping board integral to its design; turn over the loom and you can make your warp (five yards plus). When you get ready to travel, take your Harp Forte with you; it folds to be more compact (with the warp attached) and fits neatly into the Kromski tote bag (optional). The overall look of the Harp Forte is also striking; European alder wood with a clear finish, lots of curves and turned pieces. Your Harp Forte comes with a 8-dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, a pick-up stick, threading hook, 2 clamps, a warping peg, warping board pegs, the very helpful "warp helper", and a video on assembling the loom and basic weaving. The Kromski Tote, extra heddles, extra heddle blocks (for more complex weaving) and stands are available separately. Loom sizes: 16", 24" and 32". You will weave great music on the Kromski Harp Forte!

The Kromski loom does double duty as a warping board. Create a small warp or a large one, but you don't need to purchase extra equipment to do it.

Harp Loom FoldedShowing how you can measure your warp on the back of the loom.Folded, the Kromski Harp Forte will store easily or allow you to transport it to workshops, to the cabin in the woods, or to the beach.

For weaving instructors and stores giving classes, The Harp Forte is the perfect loom to get students weaving. Each loom has everything a beginner needs for a class. And when the class is adjourned for a week, or when it is over, let them take it home as a "keeper."

Considerable effort has been put into creating clear assembly instructions.  It is really quick and easy to put the looms together.  In addition, we have created lengthy instructions that will help a beginner setup and complete their first project. So right out of the box and to a finished piece, The Harp is just right for beginners or experienced weavers. Click here to see the assembly directions in a PDF format.


Kromski Harp Forte Looms
Please note: weaving width is slightly less than stated.

16" Harp Forte Rigid Heddle loom - $225.00   #179031

24" Harp Forte Rigid Heddle loom - $245.00   #179010

32" Forte Rigid Heddle loom - $265.00   #179018


Weaving on the Harp loom using the floor stand.  Showing the loom on the stand for measuring warp.  Harp Loom Folded, In Use  Using the side pegs of the floor stand to hold yarn for winding shuttles.

Floor Stands for the Kromski Harp Looms

Stand for 16" Harp or Fiddle - $115.00   #179095

Stand for 24" Harp - $125.50   #179046

Stand for 32" Harp - $137.00   #179085

Click here to see the assembly directions for the floor stand in a PDF format.

Weaving Accessories


Harp Ratchet/Pawl Upgrade Kit

Harp Ratchet/Pawl Upgrade Kit 
(Kit is also compatible with the Fiddle loom)
If you have an older Kromski Harp you can easily upgrade the loom to the new standard – the Kromski Harp Forte. The upgrade kit includes all the new metal parts, and rare earth magnets, as well as detailed instructions. You will need a Phillips-head screw driver.
Here is a look at the instructions that come with the kit.

Ratchet/Pawl Upgrade Kit - $32.00 #179---


Kromski Harp Heddles


Heddles come in a variety of sizes (dent) to allow you to control the number of ends per inch in your project. The standard heddle with each Kromski loom is 10-dent. Also available are 8 and 12-dent heddles. As you expand your weaving interests you may want to have more than one heddle size. Click here to read about selecting the yarn size for your heddle.

Additionally, you may want to try using 2 heddles as the same time (2 heddles of the same dent size). This will allow you to approximate a 4-harness loom. The tie-up is a bit more involved and the process is not as easy as a true 4-harness loom, but for the occasional need, this is a nice option. Order an extra set of heddle blocks to support the extra heddle.

Please Note: The Kromskis have begun to change the design shape of the heddles for 16" and 24" looms. The arch is being replaced with a straight piece, as it has been with the 32" loom for years. Pictures shown here or elsewhere may not show the change; new product pictures will be posted when available.

Extra Rigid Heddle, 32", 8 dent...$57.00  #179036

Extra Rigid Heddle, 32", 10 dent...$57.00  #179086

Extra Rigid Heddle, 32", 12 dent...$57.00  #179101


Extra Rigid Heddle, 24", 8 dent...$48.00  #179064

Extra Rigid Heddle, 24", 10 dent...$48.00  #179047

Extra Rigid Heddle, 24", 12 dent...$48.00  #179118


Extra Rigid Heddle, 16", 8 dent...$42.00  #179079

Extra Rigid Heddle, 16", 10 dent...$42.00  #179097

Extra Rigid Heddle, 16", 12 dent...$42.00  #179098


Heddle Blocks

Heddle Blocks

Heddle blocks, second set...$29.00  #179048


Kromski Stick Shuttles

32" Stick Shuttle...$13.75  #179092

24" Stick Shuttle...$11.00  #179058

16" Stick Shuttle...$8.75  #179049

12" Stick Shuttle...$7.00  #179050

8" Stick Shuttle...$5.25  #179063

4" Stick Shuttle...$4.00  #179080


Kromski Pick Up Sticks

Pick-up Stick, 33"...$10.00  #179093

Pick-Up Stick, 25"...$8.50  #179081

Pick-Up Stick, 17"...$6.50  #179052

Pick-Up Stick, 12"...$5.25  #179051


Kromski Warping Peg and Clamp

Warping peg and clamp...$26.00   #179123


Kromski Rigid Heddle Hook

Heddle Hook...$15.75  #179117


Kromski Warp Helper

Warp Helper Set - Wooden Clamp and Rod

Warp Helper Set, 16" (comes with loom)...$12.50  #179078

Warp Helper Set, 24"(comes with loom)...$13.75  #179119

Warp Helper Set, 32"(comes with loom)...$15.00

Click here to read the instructional article "The Kromski Warp Helper: What it does, and how to use it."



Kromski Harp Forte Tote Bag

Harp Forte Tote Bag - New Design!

Because the Kromski Harp Forte Loom conveniently folds with warp and project in place, why not put it in a tote bag for easy storage or travel?

Made of polycanvas and featuring canvas handles, the Harp Forte Tote Bag is very sturdy. The base of the tote is re-enforced to provide sturdy support of the loom. With a pocket on the inside and a zippered pouch on the outside there is plenty of room for extra heddles, stick shuttles, pick-up sticks, warping equipment, clamps and weaving material. The back side includes canvas straps to secure the long posts for the Harp stand.

16" Tote (also works for the 8" Harp Forte)  $59.00  #179028

24" Tote $64.50 #179029

32" Tote $72.00 #179030


 Selecting warp yarn for a rigid heddle loom

Rigid heddles come in different dent sizes. It is important to consider the dent size of your heddle(s) before you choose a warp yarn. As the dent size number increases (8 to 10 to 12), the “thickness” of your warp material must decrease.

All rigid heddles are made of parts composed of slots and holes. Your warp threads must be able to pass through these holes and slots without resistance. As you raise and lower the heddle, the threads in the slots must slip so that their elevation is not altered. As you beat your project the heddle must slide forward and back without causing yarn to bunch up in the slots and holes. Up, down, forward and backwards - your rigid heddle must move easily and not cause problems with the warp.

With experience you may be able to judge suitability of dent size/yarn size simply by looking at your warp material. But at first there is a chance you will misjudge. We suggest that if in doubt you first create a short sample warp maybe 2 inches wide and thread it through your heddle to test how it performs. Remember, in addition to changing heddle size you can adjust your project by substituting a slightly different material for the warp. Some material will simply not be suitable as a rigid heddle warp but you may be able to use it for the weft.


Weaving with Pick-up Sticks

Pick-up PatternsYou might think that with a rigid heddle loom your weaving projects must be simple in design. After all, such a loom is inexpensive and lacks the "sophistication" of those big floor looms. Not so. There a several ways to add texture and visual appeal to works done on a rigid heddle loom. One is with the use of a pick-up stick.

Pick-up sticks are flat pieces of wood that are sized to work with your loom. Your Kromski Harp loom comes with one pick-up stick. One end is beveled to help you use it.

How is it used? The stick is used behind your heddle. One way to look at it is that with a pick-up stick you trick your loom into thinking it is something it is not; you temporarily change the way the warp interacts with the slots and holes on the heddle. The result is a stunning range of patterns.

With the heddle in the down shed position, pick up the slot threads (behind the heddle) using the beveled end of the pick-up stick. One pattern, for example, requires every other one of these slot threads to be picked up - over, under, over, under... Once the stick is completely inserted, bring it forward to the heddle and put it on edge. You can see how this imparts a different, temporary shed opening.

There are a number of books and videos that address the use of pick-up sticks. Some sample patterns are shown right. What ever you are weaving, give it a special look using your pick-up stick.


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