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Have you heard about Spinzilla?



Lazy Kates

Lazy kates are used to hold your bobbins while plying.  Some lazy kates are tensioned; they have a brake band that rides in the groove of the bobbins, to keep them from spinning backwards when you are plying, thus making the job of plying much easier - because you have more control over the yarn.  Kates are also a good storage place for the bobbins that are not in use.
We offer several models of kates, see below.


Ashford Vertical (Traditional) Lazy Kate

Ashford Vertical Style Kate, unfinished, holds three bobbins (bobbins not included).  Length of rods from inside arm to inside arm measures 4 1/2."

#109318 Ashford Vertical Style Kate...$25.75  


Ashford Horizontal (Elizabeth) Lazy Kate

Ashford Horizontal Style Kate, unfinished, holds three bobbins (bobbins not included).  Length of rod from inside arm to inside arm measures 13 7/8".

#109441 Ashford Horizontal Style Kate...$37.50  


Ashford Competition Lazy Kate

Ashford Competition Lazy Kate

No more bobbin over-wind!

Suitable for single and double drive standard and jumbo bobbins. Control your bobbins when plying with the adjustable brake tension. Smooth stainless steel yarn guide to prevent your yarn from tangling. Bobbins are quick and easy to change. Convenient carry handle.  Four rubber feet prevent slipping or tipping.  Stainless steel bobbin pins are removable for storage and transport.  Made from beautiful Silver Beech hardwood with a rich lacquer finish.  Bobbins not included.

#101112  Ashford Competition Lazy Kate...$63.00



Kromski Arch HorizontalTensioned Lazy Kate

Kromski Arch Tensioned Lazy Kate
Holds up to three bobbins.  Length of rods from inside arm to inside arm measures 6 3/8."  These tensioned Kates will accommodate most other brands of bobbins including Ashford (standard bobbins), Jensen, Reeves, Timbertops, Majacraft and Lendrum (regular and very fast bobbins).

Unfinished...$54.00  #179037
Clear Finish...$60.50  #179105
Walnut Finish...$60.50  #179124
Mahogany Finish...$60.50  #179125

Select style and quantity:

[see stain samples]




Jumbo Katie a-Go-Go
Will accept jumbo bobbins, up to 5" in diameter.
The Katie a-Go-Go™ allows spinners to take a fully functional Lazy Kate with them no matter where they go. Best of all, the Katie a-Go-Go™ has a fully adjustable tensioning system just like the larger Lazy Kate's.  

The Katie a-Go-Go™ fully assembles in less than a minute.

It has just 6 parts plus a carrying sack. There are no tools required to assemble it. The user screws the center dowel into the base by hand. They then insert the 3 steel bobbin rods. Then, they slip either 2 or 3 bobbins onto the rods and insert the tensioning dowel into the base. Lastly, they wrap the cord around the bobbins and then pull their yarn through the center dowel's yarn loop. That's it!  

#649115 Jumbo Katie-a-Go-Go...$54.99  

Parts list for the Katie-a-go-go includes:

  • 7" x 7" x 3/4" thick Maple hardwood base with 4 clear vinyl feet

  • Center dowel with sturdy stainless steel yarn loop

  • Tensioning dowel with cord and rubber band

  • 3 - 8" x 3/16" tool grade steel bobbin rods

  • Sturdy zippered denim carry sack with a handle

  • A free set of 10 Spinning Project Kards is included (a $4.00 value)

NKK Katie-a-Go-Go

There is no other Lazy Kate on the market that you can fit into a 8 x 8 x 1" sack!

Lazy Kate from Nancy's Knit Knacks
The Katie a-Go-Go™ accommodates up to 3 bobbins. Pictured above are Majacraft bobbins which tend to have a larger diameter than many bobbins currently on the market. The latest design uses bobbin rods which will accommodate virtually all known bobbins on the market today.



Anything but Lazy Kate™
A kate with expanded capabilities based on an advanced design by Nancy's Knit Knacks.

The "Anything but Lazy Kate™" has an extensive list of features that spinners will not find anywhere else. 

First, it employs the tilt-back design for using gravity to provide a certain amount of tension on the bobbins. What makes the tilt-back design unique is that it has infinite adjustability of the tilt angle. The user can adjust it from zero to 45 degrees and everywhere in between. This is accomplished  by means of a custom designed lid bracket that is controlled by an adjustable knob.

NKK also uses a tensioning post design that they developed for their ball winders and skein-winders. Each bobbin has it own adjustable yarn guide with a 1" diameter wire-form which is perfect for art yarns. This means that each bobbin can be independently tensioned by means of the adjustable tension guide. But wait, there's more!

They also provide their standard tension cord system which is used on their Jumbo Katie-a-go-go. The tensioning cord is controlled by a peg. The cord runs around the bobbins and provides even tension on all three bobbins simultaneously.

Three forms of tensioning and yarn control in one kate! Unheard of, until now!

Inside the Anything But Lazy Kate

The dovetailed hardwood box even stores all of the guides, rods, peg, and knobs inside. The knob that adjusts the tilt mechanism also locks the box lid down so that everything remains intact. It even includes a handle.

The unit can hold three 5"+ diameter bobbins at the same time. In fact, there is 6" between each bobbin rod so NKK provided extra room for those overloaded bobbins. The rods are 8" tall so the unit can fit any bobbin and even 7" cones!

The Anything but Lazy Kate™ will easily become the "must have" tool for spinners.

The unit measures 13.5" wide by 6.5" deep x 2.75" tall.

There are 4 knobs included and all are the same size and are interchangeable.

The three 8" tall stainless steel rods (3/16" diameter) are packaged in a DP Needle tube.  The rods can also be used with their unique drinking straw transfer and storage system for drop spindle users.

This kate does so many things which is why NKK named it the Anything but Lazy Kate - because if you use it to its full extent, it will not have time to be lazy!

#649130  Anything But Lazy Kate...$145.00  



Schacht Industrious Collapsible Lazy Kate

The Industrious Collapsible Lazy Kate
From Schacht Spindle Company.  Made of maple and maple ply, with a hand-rubbed oil finish.  This kate is anything but lazy!  The Industrious Kate has an adjustable tensioning system (turn the large end dowels away from the spring to tighten, towards the spring to loosen).  Holds three bobbins - even bulky!  Collapses easily for storage or travel by removing the four wing-nuts.  Comes with directions for assembly and use. Will accept bobbins up to 7" long, and 5" in diameter.  The rods that hold the bobbins are 1/4" in diameter.  This is the kate that comes standard with the Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel.

#129121  Schacht Industrious Collapsible Lazy Kate...$63.00  



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