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Man-Made Fibers

White Soy Silk FiberSoysilk, White:  Please note, it's a creamy off-white, not a pure white. "SOYSILK® brand fiber is made from the residue of soybeans from tofu manufacturing. As early as the 1940s, textile experts dreamed of a fiber made from soy (In fact, Henry Ford had a suit made of soy as an early prototype).  SOYSILK® brand fiber offers superior moisture absorption and ventilation properties along with beautiful draping, softness and warmth.
What are the benefits of SOYSILK® brand fiber and how does it differ from other fabrics?  It has the softness and smoothness of cashmere;  It is beautiful to look at and has excellent wearability; It has the same moisture absorption as cotton but with better moisture transmission, making it more comfortable and sanitary.
SOYSILK® brand fiber is manufactured using new, cutting-edge bioengineering technologies. It is produced by extracting proteins from the residual oils of soybean cake - a liquid "batter" is created and cooked, then the fiber is produced by wet-spinning and stabilized by acetylating, and is then cut into short staples after curling and thermoforming.
It can be washed in home washing machines and air dried. It is not recommended for commercial/industrial washing machines. In textiles, SOYSILK® fabrics are known to be wrinkle-free and have little to no shrinkage.
$2.90 an ounce or $23.00 per 1/2 lb.  #589101

Select size and quantity:


Viscose Bamboo Fiber TopBamboo Top$1.30 an ounce or $10.00 per 1/2lb.  #589103
Manufactured in the viscose process.  For bast bamboo, see below.

Select size and quantity:






Bast Bamboo TopBast Bamboo Top:  $1.80 an ounce or $14.00 per 1/2lb.  #119145
This is bamboo fiber that is processed in the same manner as ramie, hemp, flax, etc.  This now gives you a choice between this product and the bamboo that is manufactured in the viscose process (listed above).

Select size and quantity:






Carbonized Bamboo TopCarbonized Bamboo Top:
$1.40 an ounce or $10.85 per 1/2lb. #119223
Black Diamond Bamboo Top: $4.75 an ounce or $36.00 per 1/2lb.  #589128

According to the American Chemical Society, in 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb. It used electricity to heat a thin strip of material, called a filament, until it glowed. Edison may also have created the first commercial carbon fiber. Early filaments, were made from bamboo slivers which were formed into the proper size and shape then baked them at high temperatures. Since bamboo consists mostly of cellulose, a natural linear polymer made of repeating units of glucose, the filament was “carbonized,” when heated. It became a true carbon copy of the starting material — an all-carbon fiber with the same exact shape. Tungsten wire soon displaced these carbon filaments, but they were still used on U.S. Navy ships as late as 1960 because they withstood ship vibrations better than tungsten.

Bamboo carbon fiber, called Black Gold or Black Diamond by those in the industry, is resistant to ultra violet rays and possesses anti-odor properties. It also adjusts well to both humidity and dryness. Black Diamond is a dream to spin. The top glides from your hand and the natural gunmetal gray color is mesmerizing. Blend it with your favorite gray or black wool for amazing results. This fiber will keep you up late dreaming!

We are now stocking two varieties of carbonized bamboo fiber. The first, which is called simply Carbonized Bamboo Top is slightly darker, has a more matte (less shiny) appearance and the preparation has more air incorporated into it, making it a "fluffier" top. The second, which is called Black Diamond, is lighter in color, shinier and sleeker in preparation. Our personal observation is that the Carbonized Bamboo Top is easier to spin and creates a loftier yarn.

Select size and quantity:


Milk Fiber TopMilk Fiber Top:  "This fiber has a very  interesting history.  It was originally developed in the 1930's in the U.S. and Italy to compete with wool.  The project was put on hold with the onset of WWII.  today, the milk fiber is produced with milk protein by means of a new bio-engineering technique.  There is minimal effect on the environment and no formaldehyde.  Milk fiber has the absorption properties of a natural fiber and a ph of 6.8 which is the same as human skin, resulting in the fiber having anti-bacterial properties.  Dyes stuffs that work on milk fiber are acid, fiber reactive or cationic dyes." 
$2.50 per ounce, or $18.75 per 1/2 lb (8 ounces).

Select size and quantity:




Corn FiberCorn Fiber: White.  Will melt at temperatures over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 
"Corn fiber is a unique fiber made from the poly lactic acid present in corn. This process is natural and free of any petrochemicals, making it an extremely environmentally friendly product. Corn is an annually renewable resource, coming from the earth and being wholly biodegradable. Like SOYSILK® brand fiber, corn fiber offers superior moisture absorption and ventilation properties along with beautiful draping, softness and warmth. 
Benefits of Corn Fiber:
Corn fiber isn’t hazardous to the environment
Corn fiber is extremely soft, lustrous and has excellent wearability
Corn fiber is machine washable and dryable and the color doesn’t fade. Machine wash in cold water and fluff dry without heat or lay out to dry. Do not iron.
Corn fiber is manufactured using new, cutting edge bioengineering technologies. It is produced by the poly lactic acid from corn. Then a liquid "batter" is created and cooked, then the fiber is produced by wet-spinning and stabilized by acetylating, and is then cut into short staples after curling and thermoforming.
Corn fiber is part of the new class of green textiles. These fibers provide the environment with a unique 'cradle-to-cradle' approach, coming from the earth and being wholly biodegradable. Corn fiber contains no petroleum and all products are manufactured to be eco-friendly."
$4.25 per oz. or $32.00 per 1/2lb.  #589102

Select size and quantity:





Viscose Rayon TopViscose Rayon Top:  White.  Made from cellulose (wood pulp). Viscose is the first synthetic fiber invented and it has a silky appearance. This quality is very nice, with lots of luster.

$11.00 per 1/2lb.  #119107






Tencel TopTencel Top: White. "TENCEL®, made from wood pulp cellulose, offers a unique combination of the most desirable properties of man made and natural fibers: soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton. TENCEL® absorbs excess liquid and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere. In contrast to synthetic fibers, with reduced wicking properties, TENCEL® offers unique moisture transport. The completely new nano technology of TENCEL® supports this natural fiber property, guaranteeing optimum conditions for the skin. Synthetic fibers cannot absorb moisture into the inside of the fiber. In contrast to cotton and Modal fibers, TENCEL® controls and regularly absorbs moisture. Also TENCEL® absorbs 50 % more moisture than cotton. By contrast polyester does not absorb moisture. Moisture transport is determined by climate. Depending upon climate conditions, TENCEL® either absorbs or releases moisture. Compared to other fibers, TENCEL® features the highest moisture absorption-rate: with air humidity at 65 %, TENCEL® still has unused capacity to absorb moisture from the skin. TENCEL® is a godsend for anyone with sensitive skin. The combination of a smooth fiber surface and excellent moisture absorption creates a positive environment for healthy skin, making TENCEL® ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Also, TENCEL® is chemical free, an important factor for sensitive skin and another asset in comparison to other fibers of a natural origin. TENCEL® does not give bacteria a chance to grow. Bacterial growth is prevented in a completely natural way. The perfect moisture management of the fiber is the key. When moisture is produced it is directly absorbed from the skin and transported to the inside of the fiber. Thus no water film is produced on the skin where bacteria could grow. TENCEL® knows no limits. TENCEL® can be manipulated in a creative manner to produce a diversity of fabric aesthetics. Manipulating or controlling fibrillation produces a wide variety of fabrications, from suede-like or peach touch surfaces to a clean, smooth silky touch. Depending on the form of processing employed, very fine hairs form on the surface of the fiber to a greater or lesser extent. 100 % Organic. The basis is a natural raw material. TENCEL® is extracted from wood pulp and is 100 % biodegradable.   The wood used comes from tree farms that practice sustainability.  Wearing TENCEL® makes you feel good."

TENCEL Top, $10.00 per 1/2lb.  #119112


Starbright NylonStarBright Nylon:  White.  While it can be spun alone, it is most often blended with wool or other fibers for strength, such as in sock heels and toes.  It can be carded to blend, or spun and plied with another strand of wool, etc.

$1.25 an ounce  #119455






Firestar Nylon: Ecru, Green, Red or Tropic.  Photos do not do this fiber justice.  It is so shiny and fiery.  Hence the name Firestar!  While it can be spun alone, it is most often blended with wool or other fibers for strength, such as in sock heels and toes.  It can be carded to blend, or spun and plied with another strand of wool, etc.

Ecru Firestar

Ecru Firestar
$1.30 per oz. or $5.20 for a 1/4 lb.  #119458


Green Firestar...$1.95 per oz.  #119450



Red Firestar... $1.95 per oz.   #119153



Tropic Firestar... $1.95 per oz.   #119152



Crystal Metallic Blending Fiber:  $2.85 per 1/2 ounce.
Shredded Mylar and metallic film, for blending with any fibers.  Soft and easy to card.  A little of this fiber goes a long ways in blending.  Photos do not do this fiber justice.  The colors flash and change depending on how the light hits them.

We also offer a sampler assortment, with a bit of each color - see below.

For those who have been requesting "heat-bondable" fiber - the fibers marked below with HB can be heat-bonded.  Place between parchment paper, and using an iron on a silk setting, press for 3-4 seconds. Pressing for longer than that over melts the fibers, and starts to give off an odor.

For all the colors marked
TB, I could get a temporary bond (the fibers would hold together so I could cut out shapes, etc.), but if handled roughly, or pulled on, the fibers will separate again.  Have the iron on the highest setting, place between sheets of parchment paper and press for 10 seconds on each side.

NOTE:  Parchment paper IS NOT wax paper.  Parchment paper has no waxy coating (wax can gum up your iron, and creates an odor when it burns).

We also offer a sampler assortment, with a bit of each color - see below.

Gold Crystal Metallic, Gold
#109471 TB

1/2 oz.


Crystal Metallic, Bronze
#109497 TB

1/2 oz.

Copper Crystal Metallic, Copper
#109498 TB

1/2 oz.

Silver Crystal Metallic, Silver
#109476 TB

1/2 oz.

Blue Flash Crystal Metallic, Blue Flash
#109499 HB

1/2 oz.

Golden Flash Crystal Metallic, Golden Flash 
#109474 HB

1/2 oz.

Green Flash Crystal Metallic, Green Flash
#109500 HB

1/2 oz.

Mardi Gras

Crystal Metallic, Mardi Gras
#109496 TB

1/2 oz.

Rose Lilac Crystal Metallic, Rose Lilac
#109469 HB

1/2 oz.

Magenta Crystal Metallic, Magenta
#109475 TB

1/2 oz.

Ruby Crystal Metallic, Ruby Slipper
#109472 TB

1/2 oz.

Lapis Crystal Metallic, Lapis
#109473 TB

1/2 oz.

Emerald Crystal Metallic, Emerald
#109470 HB

1/2 oz.

Flamingo Crystal Metallic Blending Fiber

Crystal Metallic, Flamingo
#109517 HB

1/2 oz.

Lemon Burst Crystal Metallic Blending Fiber

Crystal Metallic, Lemon Burst
#109518 HB

1/2 oz.


Crystal Metallic Fiber Sampler
Shredded mylar and metallic film that is soft, and easy to cardThis sample pack contains approximately 1 gram each of all 15 colors of the Crystal Metallic shown above.  Great for adding sparkle to fiber for spinning, felting, surface design, and more. The iridescent crystal metallic fibers reflect and pull light into the fiber with which they are mixed.  A little goes a lo-o-o-o-o-ong way!  

#349349 Crystal Metallic Fiber Sampler...$7.95 


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