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Have you heard about Spinzilla?




"Niddy-noddy, niddy-noddy, two heads and one body..."

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Ashford Regular Niddy Noddy
Unfinished solid silver beech hardwood.  Makes an approximately 5 foot skein.

#101065  Ashford Regular Niddy Noddy...$28.50  



Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy

Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy

This cute little niddy noddy makes a beautiful 32 inch skein or hank.  Ideal for making sample skeins. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with removable ends for storage or transport.

#101111  Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy...$25.25  





Babe's niddy-noddies are made of 3/4 Furniture PVC with 0-rings at the ends to help hold on the yarn and a Babe Aid to hold the yarn to the center shaft.

which makes a 48" skein.

#359013  Babe's Small Niddy Noddy...$12.95  

which makes a 1 2/3 yard (60") skein 
(and 60 times around makes a 100 yard skein).

#359006  Babe's Standard Niddy Noddy...$12.95  




Kromski Niddy Noddies come in three sizes.

Kromski Niddies
From Poland, comes in three sizes, with various finishes available in all sizes.

Small - 30" skein
clear finish...$18.00  #179106
walnut stain...$18.00  #179009
mahogany stain...$18.00  #179008

Select style and quantity:

Medium - 48" skein
clear finish...$20.75  #179107
walnut stain...$20.75  #179007
mahogany stain...$20.75   #179006

Select style and quantity:

Large - 72" skein
unfinished...$24.50 #179004
clear finish...$26.25  #179002
walnut stain...$26.25  #179005
mahogany stain...$26.25  #179003

Select style and quantity:



Nancy's Knit Knacks

  Nancy's Knit Knacks Niddy Noddy

Nancy's Niddy Noddy
NKK has developed a new Niddy Noddy that solves many of the problems that are present with other units on the market today.

#649103  Nancy's Niddy Noddy...$49.99  

The unit consists of the following parts:

  • 2 Crossbars (1 with an "easy off" feature

  • 1 Long Handle (to make 1 and 2 yd skeins)

  • 1 Short handle (to make 1.5 yd and 27" skeins)

  • 2 wooden balls with integrated bolts (ball knobs)

  • 1 custom designed zippered Denim sack with pocket 

  • Set of Spinning Project Kards

Optional 4 yard add-on handle...$14.99  #649116  

Here is what they have to say about it:

  • "Ours is really strong and sturdy. The cross-arms on our unit will not break, wobble, loosen or otherwise fail to operate. When you assemble the unit (which only takes a few seconds), you will immediately know you are holding something solid."
  • "It has a special feature which is designed to hold your yarn so you will not have to hold it in your hand while you start to wrap your skein."
  • "It will measure all of the required lengths of yarn:
    • 1.0 Yard
    • 1.5 Yards
    • 2.0 Yards
    • 27 inch sample
    • 4.0 Yard - Optional Add-on"
  • "Unit comes packed in its own custom designed denim carry sack. This is a Nancy's Knit Knacks' exclusive feature."
  • "Made from American Birch Hardwoods and steel."
  • "We employed the skills of an engineer and craftsman to assist in the design of this unit. This has resulted in the industry's sturdiest design for a Niddy Noddy."
  • "The 4 yard add-on consists of a 1" diameter Birch Handle - identical in construction to the shorter handles. It can make a 2 yard skein (by looping your skein over only 2 of the cross-arms), or a 4 yard skein by looping the yarn over all 4 cross-arms in the conventional Niddy Noddy manner. The Add-on handle does not come with a case and will not fit into the standard Niddy Noddy Case. This should not be a problem, typically, because most users will leave this long handle at home."
  • "Note: the three handles have the following lengths: 11-1/4, 15-7/8, 34.0 inches (4 yd)"

Nancy's Knit Knacks Niddy Noddy with case

Showing the arm attachment. Note: the niddy is no longer available in dark finish.


Schacht Folding Niddy Noddy

Schacht Adjustable Niddy Noddy
Schacht's niddy noddy doesn't look like any other you've seen before.  That's because they didn't want to make just another niddy noddy.  They wanted you to have a niddy noddy that would be not only unique and handsome in style, but also give superior functionality.  Here are the features we know you as a handspinner will love and appreciate:

Balanced and lightweight for smooth winding
Quick and easy to remove full skeins
Adjusts to 2 yard or 1 1/2 yard skeins
Folds flat for transport
Comfortable soft hand grip
Beautifully designed in maple or cherry

Here is a niddy noddy that is a joy to use, easy to take along and will endure years of hard use.  Complete instructions included.

#129305  Maple...$79.00  

#129306  Cherry...$81.00  



Kniddy Knoddy

Kniddy Knoddy
From the Spinning Studio of Vermont
Handcrafted of cherry hardwood.  Available as both a traditional 2-yard and a 1.5 yard.  Both disassemble for travel or storage.  The 2-yard is friction fit and the 1.5 yard uses threaded tenons.  The 1.5-yard also has a traditional handle that extends past the lower arms.  Lovely New England craftsmanship!

#619415 2-Yard Cherry Kniddy Knoddy...$36.00 

#619416  1.5-Yard Cherry Kniddy Knoddy...$36.00 



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