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Old Shale Mohair Scarf

Old Shale patterned mohair scarf

Made with Lion brand "Imagine" (15% mohair).  I just knitted until the yarn ran out,  the scarf is about 66" long and 7" wide.  Any worsted weight yarn would work, preferably a fuzzy yarn as it is knitted at a loose gauge.

I use a size 11 needle, 3 stitches to the inch.  If your gauge is slightly looser the scarf will just be a little wider, if it's tighter, the scarf will be a little narrower.  Be adventurous!  Patterns are made to be changed to suit each person's taste. :-)

Cast on 24.

Knit one row.

*K2tog twice, {YO, K1}4 times,  K2tog 4 times, {K1, YO} 4 times, K2tog twice.

Knit next 2 rows.

Purl next row.*

Repeat from * to * for desired length, bind off and block.

Copyright 2001 Amy Mielke

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