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Have you heard about Spinzilla?



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More spindle pictures can be seen on these pages:
[adam's woodshop] [ashford] [schacht]


Bottom Whorl


Portuguese Spindle with Spiral Notch

Portuguese Spindle - click here for more details and prices.

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Adam's Woodshop Emily and Lizzie Spindles

Click here for more details and pricing.

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Ashford Classic Spindle

Ashford Classic Spindle

Unfinished, bottom whorl, with hook.  3 oz.

#109300 Ashford Classic Spindle...$21.75  

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Close-up of Louet Bottom Whorl Spindle showing sheeps' head design Louet Bottom Whirl Spindle

Louet Bottom Whorl

With hook, and sheeps' head design on 3 1/2" diameter whorl.   Shaft length is approximately 12" excluding hook.  Weight: 2 1/2 - 3 ounces.

#159016  Louet Bottom Whorl Spindle...$19.00  

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Schacht 1.1 ounce Hi-Lo Spindle  Schacht Hi-Lo Spindle

Schacht Spindle Co.

Schacht 2" Hi-Lo Spindle. This spindle has a 12" shaft, weighs 1.1 oz. and has a  groove at one end and a hook at the opposite end, so it can be used as either a high or low whorl spindle.  Made of hard maple and finished by hand with Danish oil.

#129160  Schacht 1.1 oz Hi-Lo Spindle...$22.00  


Schacht Hi-Lo Spindles

Schacht 3 and 4 Hi-Lo Spindles. A brass hook on the whorl end for high-whorl spinning and a notched shaft for bottom-whorl spinning. The 3 weighs 2.2 ounces and the 4 weighs 3 ounces.

Schacht 3" Hi-Lo Spindle.  This spindle has a 12" shaft, weighs 2.2 ounces, has a hook for high-whorl spinning and a groove for low-whorl spinning.  Made of hard maple and finished by hand with Danish oil.

#129075  Schacht 2.2 oz Hi-Lo Spindle...$22.00  

Schacht 4" Hi-Lo Spindle.  This spindle has a 12" shaft, weighs 3 ounces, has a hook for high-whorl spinning and a groove for low-whorl spinning.  Made of hard maple and finished by hand with Danish oil.

#129074  Schacht 3 oz Hi-Lo Spindle...$22.00  


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Top Whorl

See also the Schacht Hi-Lo Spindles, above.



Adam's Woodshop Emily and Lizzie Spindles

Click here for more details and pricing.


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New Ashford Student Drop Spindle

Ashford Student Drop Spindle
Ashford recently changed the design of the student drop spindles. They are now even better, lighter in weight and the top whorl makes them perfect for the beginner spinner.
Natural wood finish, 3-1/8" diamter top whorl, with hook.  9-1/4" shaft.  2.25 ounces.
Reasonably priced and ideal for teachers needing spindles for teaching.

#109442  Ashford Student Drop Spindle...$11.00  

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Click here to go to the Ashford Spindle page.

Ashford Top Whorl Spindles
Small Ashford Top Whorl (1.3 oz)
Large Ashford Top Whorl (3 oz)

#109159  Small Ashford Top Whorl Spindle...$24.50  

#109227  Large Ashford Top Whorl Spindle...$27.50  

For more details on these and other Ashford spindles, go to the Ashford Spindle Page

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Ashford Spindle Collection

Collection includes 5 different sizes of top whorl spindles to spin fine silk to long lustrous fibers, plus matching stand.

95mm (3 3/4") 80gm (2 3/4oz)
80mm (3 1/8") 50gm (1 3/4oz)
70mm (2 3/4") 35gm (1 1/4oz)
60mm (2 3/8") 20gm (3/4oz)
50mm (2") 15gm (1/2oz)

Ashford Spindle Collection...$137.00  #109522  

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Kromski Drop Spindles

Kromski Drop Spindles
Top whorl spindles are excellent for beginners and for general purpose spindle spinning. Available in walnut, clear, mahogany and unfinished.  Made of European Alder/Beech hardwood.

Weight is 3oz.
Length is 12 inches.

$19.00 for finished, $15.00 for unfinished.

Select finish and quantity:



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Kokovoko Top Whorl Spindles

Kokovoko Top Whorl Spindles
Various native hardwoods.  Shafts approximately 10" long, with 3 1/4" whorl.  Shepherd's crook-type hook.  Un-notched.

#279008  Kokovoko Top Whorl...$25.00

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Acorn Cabin Spindle

Acorn Cabin Spindles

Small or large top whorl spindles.  Rim weighted, metal hooks.  Prices range from $32 - $40.  Shaft lengths range from 9" to 12".  Small whorls are approximately 2", large whorls are approximately 3".  Large weigh 24 - 32 grams, small weight 18 - 22 grams.  Notched.

fall_2011_spindles 025.jpg (34646 bytes)

569209 Small Acorn Spindle, Maple/Cherry/Walnut on Walnut, 22 grams...$45.00


fall_2011_spindles 026.jpg (25298 bytes)

569209 Small Acorn Spindle, Maple/Cherry/Walnut on Maple, 22 grams...$45.00


fall_2011_spindles 027.jpg (33612 bytes)

#569209 Large Acorn Spindle, Maple/Cherry/Walnut on Cherry, 36 grams...$45.00


fall_2011_spindles 028.jpg (36602 bytes)

#569209 Large Acorn Spindle, Maple and Walnut, 32 grams...$45.00


Large Acorn Spindle, Maple and Walnut with Maple/Walnut Shaft, 22 grams...$32.00  #569209

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Louet Octo Spindle

Louet Octo Spindle

Weighs approximately one ounce.  Small top whorl spindle with an 8-sided whorl and hook.  

#159205  Louet Octo Spindle...$12.00  

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topwhorl.JPG (75489 bytes) topwhorl3.JPG (89118 bytes)

Louet Top Whorl

With hook, and sheeps' head design on the 3 1/2" diameter whorl.  Shaft length is approximately 12" excluding hook.  Weight: 2 1/2 - 3 ounces.  #159022

#159022   Louet Top Whorl Spindle...$16.00  

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Tahkli Spindle

Coin-Whorl Tahkli

Made by David Begnall in the US.  Metal shaft, coin-whorl.  No hook or point at the top.  Excellent for spinning cotton and other short fibers that need high twist.

Coin-Whorl Tahkli, Each...$15.00  



Tahkli: a small spindle specially suited for spinning cotton, usually used supported.

Schacht Spindle Co.

Pear Tahkli, specially suited for spinning cotton. 1 1/2" hard maple whorl, 10 1/2" brass shaft.  Weight: 1 oz.

#129078  Schacht Pear Tahkli Spindle...$22.00  




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Tahkli Bowls

Ceramic Tahkli Bowls Left:  A selection of handmade tahkli bowls.

Below:  Close-up showing dimple in bottom of bowl.

Close-up of dimple in bottom of tahkli bowl. Detail of dimple in a tahkli spindle bowl.

Ceramic Tahkli Bowls

Made by US potters, each bowl is individually made. Various colors of glazes.  Sizes range from 1 1/4"  to 1 1/2" tall and  2 1/2" to 3" across, with a nice dimple in the bottom of the bowl.

#409001  Ceramic Tahkli Bowl...$10.00  


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Valkyrie Turkish Spindles
Left to right: cherry, maple, walnut.

Valkyrie Turkish Spindles
Made of native hardwoods.  Knobs at both ends of shaft allow you to use this spindle as top or bottom whorl.  Lovely intersecting arms allow you to remove your ball of spun yarn without unwinding.  Shaft is 10" long, with 5" arms.  Weight is approximately 1.5 oz.  Rubbed with a Danish Oil Finish.

Currently available in cherry, maple or walnut (walnut spindles have a maple shaft).

#149014  Cherry...$25.85  

#149013  Maple...$25.85  

#149015  Walnut...$25.85  


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Click on this picture to see a larger view of the Schacht Navajo Spindle.

Schacht Spindle Co.

Navajo Spindle  

Designed for the traditional method of rolling on the spinner's thigh while seated on a low stool or kneeling.  Made of hard maple and finished by hand with Danish oil.  Whorl is 4 1/2" diameter and the shaft measures 30".  Weight: 5 oz.

#129090  Schacht Navajo Spindle...$33.00  

(see our bottom whorl section for info on the other spindles in the picture)

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Spindle Care

Wood Beams aka Mrs. Bindle's Spindle Balm

Wood Beams aka Mrs Bindle's Spindle Balm
Good Wood Food - Rub on, wait a bit, and then buff with a soft cloth to a satin finish. Works wonders on all woods, even food-surface safe!! Try it on knife handles, butcher blocks, fine wood furniture, and our favorite use - spindles and spinning wheels!! Contains pure vegetable oils and real lemon and lavender essential oils.  4 oz.

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK #579100  Wood Beams...$8.50  

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Spindle Kits


Drop Spindle Kit,

Basic Drop Spindle Kit
Comes with everything you need to learn how to spin yarn on a drop spindle: the 55 minute DVD "Getting Started on a Drop Spindle" with Maggie Casey, one of the Ashford small top whorl spindles, and a 1/4 lb. of NZ Corriedale roving.*  Save $6.45 (over purchasing the items separately)!

#349001  Basic Drop Spindle Kit...$42.00  

*Depending on availability of listed fibers, we reserve the right to substitute colors.



Nancy's Knit Knacks Learn to Spin Kit

Learn to Spin Kit
from Nancy's Knit Knacks 

The NKK Learn to Spin Kit is one of the very first to offer quality components and a 32 minute DVD at such a low price. Nancy personally designed this kit for beginners. Each one of the kit components was selected based on its ease of use for a beginning spinner. 

  • The spindle is made from birch hardwood components which have an oil finish applied.  The shaft  measures 11" in length (3/8" diameter) with a 2.75" diameter top whorl. 

  • The whorl has 2 notches (one on each side opposite of the hook).  The hook is made from a custom designed wire which will not bend or twist. Its special shape helps ensure that the spindle will spin properly. 

  • The total weight is approximately 45 grams which is within the ideal weight range for a beginning spinner (not too light or too heavy) 

  • The one ounce of fiber is from Ashland Bay Trading Company of the USA. It is their multi-colored Colonial fiber which is an ideal fiber for beginners. 

  • The 32 minute DVD video (see sample below) will play in any DVD player. It was produced by Nancy's Knit Knacks especially for this kit. It features Nancy Shroyer as the instructor who leads the student through a complete training session on how to spin using a drop spindle.  Nancy is a nationally recognized fiber arts instructor. She will easily teach you how to spin.

Video sample of DVD

#649126 NKK Learn to Spin Kit...$34.99



All About Cotton Spindle Kit

All About Cotton Kit
Includes tahkli (spindle), six ounces of a variety of cotton fibers including a cotton boll and punis, and illustrated instructions.  It's fun, give it a try! 
Note: Fiber assortment may vary from what is shown at times, depending on availability - but you will always get six ounces of several forms of cotton, including naturally colored cotton.

#269004  All About Cotton Kit...$32.95  

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Spindle Spinning Books

Here are some of the books we carry that deal specifically with spindle spinning.  To see the rest of our spinning book selection, go to our Spinning Books Page.

Hands On SpinningHANDS ON SPINNING, Lee Raven.  In my estimation, this is the best book for people who want to learn to spin (this is the book I learned from!).  Takes you through the basic spinning technique on a hooked stick, to spindle, to wheel.  Selection of fleece, washing and carding covered as well.  Includes basic knitting and weaving patterns for using your first yarn.  120 pgs.  Sc, $18.95.  #239021

HandspindlesHANDSPINDLES, Bette Hochberg.
Handspindles have been in use for at least 6,000 years.  There are many different types and styles and ways of using them. Bette Hochberg gives a good background on spindles and spindle spinning. She discusses ten of the most common varieties of spindles, how they were used, and what types of fibers would have been spun on them. Good information.  Sc, $9.95  #109329

High WhorlingHIGH WHORLING: A Spinner's Guide to an Old World Skill, Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts.
On the subject of handspindles, high whorl and low whorl, Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts is unabashedly opinionated: the high whorl is superior and she shows why in this book.  High Whorling is an inviting book for the new spinner, covering all aspects of spinning with the high whorl handspindle from fiber selection and preparation to detailed spinning techniques.  It is also the ideal guide for those with previous experience in low whorl or wheel spinning who wish to take up the high whorl.  Spinners at all levels will want to study Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts in her (sometimes surprising ) approach to fiber and spinning techniques, her choice of hand tools, and her own carefully worked out methods of yarn finish.
ISBN-13: 9780966828900. ISBN-10: 0966828909. 135 pages.  Black and white illustrations.  6 1/8" x 9 1/4" hardcover.  $18.95  #139164

Productive SpindlingPRODUCTIVE SPINDLING, Amelia Garripoli.
Productive Spindling... a 21st century look at top whorl, bottom whorl and Turkish spindle methods to boost your techniques for efficiency make productivity fun! 
Spindlers will find many useful tips for all kinds of fiber, spindle choices, drafting, joins, plying and finishing. Productive Spindling is packed with photos to show technique, spindles, yarn, and finished items by the author and the worldwide spindling community.  Published by Ask The Bellweather.  8 1/2'' X 11'' Spiral Bound Softcover.  50 pages.  $18.00  #139717

Respect the SpindleRESPECT THE SPINDLE, Abby Franquemont.
Portable and productive, the hand spindle has been responsible for creating the world's yarn for millennia. In Respect the Spindle, veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont teaches spinners old and new how to create incredible yarn with this amazing, yet simple tool.

Many contemporary spinners view the hand spindle as a beginner's tool, suited to learn the basic steps of spinning before moving on to a spinning wheel. In Respect the Spindle, Abby emphasizes the spindle's importance and its use in making yarn in advanced ways for high-end to novelty cloth. 

The perfect how-to book for any spinner with a growing collection of spindles or even just a dowel, Respect the Spindle includes: 
Step-by-step photography with detailed illustrations, making the spindle spinning techniques clear to even the novice spinner. 
Techniques from the basics, such as getting started on the spindle, to more specialized techniques, such as using the spindle to make specific kinds of yarn faster than imagined. 
Profiles of spindle spinners from various traditions are presented in sidebars throughout the book, which introduce heartwarming and historical fiber stories from around the world. 
Five simple projects give spinners practice in creating a variety of yarns and patterns. 
And more! 

ISBN: 978-1-59668-155-2.  8 1/2" x 9" softcover. 136 Pages.  $22.95  #239038


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