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Tatting Books

The Complete Book of TattingTHE COMPLETE BOOK OF TATTING, Rebecca Jones.
Good for the beginner.  Detailed instructions for 5 basic methods of tatting with patterns and projects for both beginner and expert. All designs are charted for ease of working. In-depth instruction given for Needle Tatting. ISBN 0-916896-39-0. 112 pages, softcover, $20.00  #139144

Easy TattingEASY TATTING, Rozella F. Linden.
Approximately 20 patterns.  Includes motifs, heart edging, snowflakes, flower pin, doilies and more.  ISBN 9780486299860.  Published by Dover Publications.  30 pages.  Softcover.  $3.95  #169452 

Embellishing with EdgingsEMBELLISHING WITH EDGINGS, edited by Barbara Foster.
Approximately 15 patterns. Patterns are for needle and shuttle tatters, for beginners and up. Patterns are edgings that can be used on hankies or doilies. It also gives instructions on how to join to a doily or hanky.  ISBN: 1883432170.  28 pages.  Softcover.  $11.95  #339---

Lace TechniquesLACE TECHNIQUES, Nihon Vogue.
Japanese text.  Techniques explored through clear photos, diagrams and elegant projects. Includes Crochet, Tatting, Bobbin Lace, Teneriffe, Filet, Macrame and Hairpin Crochet.  Approximately 15 tatted edgings/motif patterns.  ISBN:  9784529038188.  Softcover. 168 pages. $44.00  #169417

Learn the Easy Art of Needle Tatting and More DVDDVD - LEARN THE EASY ART OF NEEDLE TATTING AND MORE, Barbara Foster.
This DVD is approximately 45 minutes. Included is a pamphlet. It demonstrates needle tatting step-by-step. This is for the beginner and techniques are included for intermediate to advanced tatters. Demonstrated is every type of joining including a doily, using two colors, adding beads, split ring, washing, blocking, and tips as we tat. DOES NOT include a tatting needle.  $19.95  #339232

Learn Needle TattingLEARN NEEDLE TATTING, STEP BY STEP, Barbara Foster.
Approximately 6 patterns and 32 pages. This book takes you step-by-step with 85 full color photographs.  Patterns include: Doily or collar edging, pillowcase edging, bookmark, medallion, butterfly, note card, and hanky edging.  Note: tatting needle is NOT included.  Softcover, $12.95  #339121

Learn To TatLEARN TO TAT: With Interactive DVD, Janette Baker.
This book shows how to shuttle tat and has an interactive DVD included, so you have both methods to learn from. From basic to advanced techniques. Patterns include: edgings, butterfly, heart, bookmark and more.  Publisher: American School of Needlework.  Softcover.  48 pages.  $14.95  #339119

For Needle Tatting supplies, click [here].

Needle Tatting With Style, Book 1NEEDLE TATTING WITH STYLE, BOOK 1, Barbara Foster.
Approximately 15 patterns and 32 pages. This book is a transition after you have finished Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step. For those that want more practice learning the different styles patterns are written. It also shows the technique of split ring tatting. Patterns include: Teardrop, doll hat, ear rings, edging attached to doily, bell, hanky edging, edging, placemat, covered Christmas ball, covered egg (ball & egg refer to following pages), snowflake, snowman, & flag. This patterns can also be used by shuttle tatters. 32 pages, softcover, $6.95  #339122  Out Of Stock

Tatted AnimalsTATTED ANIMALS, Inga Madsen.
 Approx. 12 patterns 32 pages. Includes snail, bird, butterfly, cat, dog, elephant, giraffe, horse, ladybug, monkey, squirrel and teddy bear. Patterns are diagrammed. This is a really nice book!  $11.95  #339212

Tatted Artistry of Teiko FujitoTATTED ARTISTRY OF TEIKO FUJITO
Translated from the book ''Tatting 101 Motifs & Edgings.'' A collection of colorful designs by the foremost Japanese tatting artist.  Exquisite delicacy which fully ulilize the magic of color and shade to create whimsical borders and motifs.  All designs shown by color photo, charted diagrams and clear working illustrations.  $19.95  #339220

Tatted Bookmarks with Needle and ShuttleTATTED BOOKMARKS WITH NEEDLE AND SHUTTLE, Edited by Barbara Foster.
Approximately 16 patterns; 24 pages. Includes American flag, hearts, crosses, butterfly, cupids arrow and more. This book has references for both needle and shuttle tatters. This book is also listed in the books area.  Softcover.  $11.95  #339128

Tatted ButterfliesTATTED BUTTERFLIES, Adelheid Dangela.
Approximately 19 patterns. A collection of butterfly designs from simple to spectacular. Patterns are only diagrammed. 32 pages.  Softcover.  $11.95  #169451

Tatted FashionTATTED FASHION, Teiko Fujito. 
Approximately 123 patterns, 104 pages. I ncludes bags, edgings, shawls, belts, collars, pillow covers, doilies.  New and imaginative techniques fully detailed.  Translated from Japanese. $25.95  #339217

Tatted HandkerchiefsTATTED HANDKERCHIEFS, K. Nikolajsen & I. L. Nikolajsen.
Approx. 12 patterns; 32 pages. A collection of edgings worked on straight and curved square hankies. Patterns are only diagrammed. $11.95  #339211

A Tatter's WorkbookA TATTER'S WORKBOOK, edited by J&K. Kliot.
Approximately 172 patterns, 112 pages. Includes corner and straight edgings, medallions, round doily borders, collar border. This is a most unusual and fascinating collection of tatting patterns as recorded in a New England notebook by an anonymous tatter in the 1920's. The patterns are accompanied by actual samples of the finished design and are enlarged so the actual stitches can be counted, the worked piece serving as a graphic diagram.  Softcover, $23.95  #139150

TattingTATTING, Pam Palmer.
No patterns and 32 pages. This is a shuttle tatting history book with pictures of old lace and even one of Mile Riego.  Softcover, $11.95  #339132

Tatting IDVD - TATTING I: The Basics, Mildred Clark.
78 minutes.  This video covers basic stitch, picots, joining, chains, two colors, vocabulary, how to read and diagram patterns and more.  Mildred Clark is an accomplished tatter who has taught many tatting classes and workshops in various parts of the country.  Her love of tatting and her expertise make the learning process fun, easy and successful!  $19.95  #339213

Tatting II - Beyond the Basics DVDDVD - TATTING II: Beyond The Basics, Mildred Shire Clark.
80 minutes.  Techniques covered are rolled, twisted, beads, two-shuttle tatting, fewer thread ends, ways to attach to fabric, Josephine stitches and more.  Old tatting terms will be clarified and you will briefly be introduced to needle tatting, as well as crochet and hook tatting techniques. If you understand basic tatting or if you have completed Tatting I with Mildred Clark you are ready for Tatting II.  It is assumed that you know how to work the basic double stitch, make chains, rings, and joins.  $19.95  #339242

Tatting 101TATTING 101 - a Course for the Beginner, Nadine Nunnelley.
Approximately 31 patterns. Includes edgings, baby cap, booties and more. This is a learn how to shuttle tat with a lot of tips as you go through the book.  Black and white photos and illustrations.  71 pages.  Spiral bound 8 1/2" x 11" softcover.
$21.95  #339234

Tatting ABC's and 123'sTATTING ABC's AND 123's, Houstine Cooper.
36 patterns. The patterns are written and diagrammed.  32 pages.  For needle and shuttle tatters.  8 1/2" x 11" softcover.  ISBN 1883432146.  $11.95  #339116

Tatting Farm AnimalsTATTING FARM ANIMALS, Christel Weidmann.
Patterns include: Bull, Cow, Rooster, Hen and Chicks, and many more. Written and diagrammed.  For advanced needle and shuttle tatters.  Tat beautiful traditional animal shapes for gifts or home decor!  Unique, realistic animal designs.  ISBN 1883432154.  8 1/2" x 11" softcover, 32 pages.  $11.95  #339233

Tatting JewelleryTATTING JEWELLERY, Lyn Morton.
A surprising and inventive take on tatting, one of the oldest forms of lace making. 
This detailed guide offers dozens of patterns for using metallic threads, vibrant beads, and inexpensive jewelry fittings to create fantastic necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings in intricate filigree designs. Readers can customize the results by choosing the colors and threads they like best to produce one-of-a-kind accessories that will complement any outfit. It's a feast of inspired, fashion-conscious ideas for everyone from beginners to experienced and dedicated tatters.  ISBN-13: 9781861086761.  ISBN-10: 1861086768.  Publisher: Sterling Publishing.  Softcover.  112 pages.  $17.95  #139598


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